Do these FAQ's answer all the questions you may have?  If not, then please do not hesitate contact me.  I'm here to help!

What are your normal business hours?

I work out of my home so I am here most of the time (except when I'm out doing a wedding!!:>) Hawai'i (HST) time is the same all year.  We are 3 hours BEHIND California (PDT) during spring and summer and 2 hours (PST) in the fall and winter!!  You can always leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able!!

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Cash, Money Orders, Travelers Checks, and Personal checks as long as they are received 7 days before your wedding day!  Sorry no credit cards at this time.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

In some circumstances, that may be an option!!:>)

Do you require a deposit?

Yes I do.  To reserve your day there is a $100.00 deposit required.  If you have to cancel and have a good reason and enough time is given, I will be happy to refund your deposit!!  For a deposit, send a check payable to me, Cheryl Pascual to P.O. Box 427 Pa'auilo, Hi 96776.  Mahalo!!

Do you perform civil or religious ceremonies?

I do civil, gay and religious ceremonies. And of course marriage vow renewals. Contact me if you would like more information.

Should I call you Reverend, Minister, or Cheryl?

I prefer to just be called Cheryl.  Rev Cheryl is fine but hardly anyone calls me that.  On the Big Island we are less formal and more friendly.

Is there a waiting period?

After your application is completed with a marriage license agent you may begin your ceremony.  There is no waiting period once you have your marriage license!!  However, your ceremony must be within 30 days or the marriage license expires.

Is a blood test required?

NO, a blood test is not required any more :>)

Do I need to bring my divorce papers?

Only if you have been divorced within the last 90 days!!  The January 1, 2012 information Hawai'i Vital Records now says 30 days.

Do we have to have a witness?

NO!  Believe it or not, it is up to the minister and I do not require one.  Often the photographer can act as a witness, if there is one.  If not, we do not need to have anyone be a witness!

Is there a "time limit" to plan a wedding?

NO!  Never!  I have been called at 8am and performed the wedding at 11am on the same day.  If I am available, I can have everything ready in a matter of hours!  I am VERY Flexible!!!

Can I wear whatever I want?

Most Definitely!!  I have married hundreds of wonderful couples, wearing everything from ONLY leis, under a waterfall (yes, they choose to be naked!!!) to bathing suits, parados sarongs, shorts and t-shirts, pants, jeans, formal wedding dresses, tux, suits, semi-formal!!  It is YOUR day, and you wear whatever you want. There are stores here to choose some nice outfits once you arrive should you want more Hawaiian wear, or matching outfits that look very nice in pictures!!

May we bring our own photographer?

It is fine with me.  Whatever works for you!!  I do have some great professional photographers available, at a price of course!!

What are Hawai'i sunrise and sunset like?

If you want photos that include some of our beautiful sunrise or sunsets please keep in mind we sometimes do have cloudy days, so an alternate photo location may be good to have, should it be needed.  We are closer to the equator which makes our sunrise and sunset times much shorter than the lingering ones people living in northern areas can enjoy.  Mauna Kea at 13,796 ft (4205 m) in the middle of our island can shorten the sunrise (it's longer on the Hilo side) and sunset (they are longer on the Kona side).  For the best lighting for photographs you may have only 20 to 30 minutes in which to take all of them.

What if it rains?? Is there a backup plan?

This island gets very little rain on the "Kohala Coast" (north of Kona) where most of the weddings are performed.  If it does rain, is usually does not last very long, and we do provide umbrellas! It is often very windy, with our beautiful "trade winds".  This is why I suggest wearing a Lei Po'o for your head or having your hair done with a head lei. Then you will not have to worry about your hair!!

What flowers are included in your package?

For the lei exchange, I provide two beautiful Tuberose Leis, with a fabulous fragrance.  Two long stem red roses for the rose exchange.  Also, upon request you may order Maile leis, Lei Po'o (head lei), Wrist Leis, Ankle Leis and any type of bouquet that you can dream up!

What if I need help in finding a place to stay?

I can help you with many things.  I have some great B&B's to tell you about, also hotels and activities!  This island has lots to offer.  I am happy to share my knowledge with you!  It all depends on your budget and exactly what you want to do.

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