Marriage License 



Marriage license requirements for the State of Hawaii:

To renew your marriage vows: a marriage license is not required.  For a marriage ceremony, Hawai'i requires a state issued marriage license.

Here are the steps to obtain a marriage license:


1. Complete the application for a marriage license (opens in a new window).
    Read the details on eligibility before applying.

     - To chose me for the Officiant in the application process, scroll down to the "P's" and find Cheryl Rae Pascual.


2. Complete the application:
    - The application may be filled in on-line or on a paper version.
    - Do not use ABBREVIATIONS anywhere on the application.
    - Fill a paper application using ONLY BLACK INK.
    - Do NOT sign the application until instructed.


3. I will make your appintment for you to go together before the marriage license agent.

4. At your appointment with the marriage license agent:

    - If not paid on-line, you must have the exact fee in cash ($65.00).
    - Both of you must bring a pictured ID (driver licenses, passport, state ID) plus a $5.00 cash fee is required.
    - If all is in tack, this will take about 15-30 minutes!!




• Need assistance?  Just ask, I am extremely FLEXIBLE and EASY to work with!