Now that we've returned home from Hawaii, we continue to talk daily about how glorious you made our wedding day.  Your soul, love, and support means everything to us.  Even though we only met you on our actual wedding day, it was as if we'd been best friends for more than 30 years!!  We cannot thank you enough for serving as our Officiant, welcoming us into your aloha spirit, and making our wedding day the most memorable event in our 25 years together!  We will forever be grateful to you, and we certainly look forward to another visit to Hilo.  We definitely will be calling you when come again so we can catch up, meet your husband, and see all those wonderful animals you have at your house.  Mahalo!!  Earl and Tom"


And, YES, we certainly are glad we live in Florida right now with all the horrible snow storms happening.  We are having our "winter" weather this week, which means in the 60s during the day and low 40s at night, but it sure beats shoveling snow!  :)



Earl and Tom




Dear Cheryl,


Thank you for making our wedding day so special and filled with Aloha. Our wedding was more than I ever could dream of. I enjoyed working with you on the planning and calling you even a year before to talk about all of the details. All of our hard work has paid off and you have made me and my husband so happy. Many people in Florida would ask me why I am getting married in Hawaii. There are so many reasons including my husband's family living in Hawaii and the natural beauty. I am so glad that I stuck to what my dream wedding was. We incorporated wedding traditions like the sand ceremony to unite the two families, a lei exchange, and a proclamation of vows. It was so important to me that the wedding was personalized to Hawaiian culture. It was also touching that you mentioned my mother in the ceremony, even though she was not able to come. She enjoyed hearing stories and seeing pictures of us. Our marriage certificate sits on our dresser as a reminder of our perfect day and the eternal love we share as husband and wife. My husband and I will be visiting his family in the Big Island and we would like to keep in touch with you as well. 


With Love,

Sorina and Kolton




Good Morning, Cheryl!


Chris and I are sitting at the airport in Kona, waiting to board our flight to Maui, and, now that I have a moment, I wanted to express our deepest thanks to you for our wonderful wedding ceremony.


It was absolutely perfect in every way; I wouldn't change a thing, and your beautiful words and positive energy made our ceremony truly special. Thank you for giving us the gift of those words as a keepsake and a reminder of the promises we made and the love we declared on the beach that day; I know there may be rough seas in the future, and having the ability to go back and read the wisdom that you shared with us will help us weather any storm.


Thank you, too, for including our family members (both two - and four-legged!), and making it all so personal and intimate.  I can't think of a better way to begin my life with Chris.  You've given us such a great gift; I don't think I can thank you enough.


We're already talking about coming back to the Big Island for our anniversary if our schedules allow, and we'd love to see you then!  I'm looking forward to seeing Maui for the first time, but I wish we had more time here, not the least reason being that I'd love to have a chance to sit and talk with you, and meet Pas and your dogs.  :)


Again, thank you for your incredible kindness and openness, for putting us at ease on our big day, and for playing such a huge part in our wedding. You have our eternal gratitude!


With our warmest wishes,

Jess and Chris

My fiancé had to travel to Kona for work and I decided to tag along the first week of June 2015.  We had talked about the possibility of eloping while there since we weren't interested in any sort of traditional wedding. Upon arriving to Kona (we stayed at the Sheraton Resort and Spa) I decided to ask about eloping through the hotel's wedding coordinator, they wanted $1750...to elope?!  $200 bridal bouquet?!  I wanted to elope...not have a real traditional wedding.  So after hearing that I went back to my room to yelp elopement in Kona, that's when I found Cheryl.  I checked her website and the elopement package was just what we were hoping for!  I immediately emailed her and she then called me back.  We talked for about 30 minutes and it felt like I'd known her my whole life!  We talked about details of what we wanted for the ceremony, locations, the type of vows we wanted, and our lives.  She even guided me through filling out the license information online, set up and appointment for us to meet with a person at our hotel to complete the license.  Cheryl's personality and warm heart had me won over from the minute we spoke!  She took the time to get to know us a little bit and then incorporated some of those details into the vows.
The location she picked was gorgeous...Ku'kio Beach, right outside of the Four Seasons Hotel.  She met us there, had a little table set up with the leis for us to exchange, red roses for the ceremony and a framed certificate for us to keep.  She grabbed my camera and as she performed the ceremony she would step back and take pictures of us. After the ceremony she spent 20-30 minutes with us walking up and down the beach taking pictures of the two of us and even posing with us a few times.
We couldn't have asked for anything better for a last minute elopement.  Cheryl provided us with everything we wanted on short notice.  She was so funny, she had us laughing, crying and enjoying every moment of our time with her.  I would HIGHLY recommend Cheryl's services to anyone looking for a wedding officiant on the Big Island.  She will travel anywhere for you and is well worth it!
Brook S.
Fullerton, CA
"Even when things got really rough you never gave up to help us find the perfect place and have the perfect wedding.  The words at the ceremony have truly stuck with us and will for the rest of our lives."
Kory and Anastasiya



"We want to thank you so much for helping us plan it all and also to have done your part to make our 50 year renewal ceremony special.  It was a golden day for us!  Aloha!"

Mary and Haig



"You made everything so special from your first big hello hug when we first met, to your congratulating hug after the ceremony."

Tommy and Nina



"Cheryl, we wanted to thank you for the most perfect, most gorgeous wedding ceremony ever!  Everything was so sweet and romantic.  The spot at Kikaua Point was heaven.  My Wedding was everything I imagined it would be."

Brandon and Sondra



"What a wonderful day we had renewing our vows with you.  After 32 years of marriage, I wanted this to be a special day.  It was way beyond our expectations.  You are just such a terrific person.  We felt like we have known you all of our lives."

Bonnie and Gary



"You made our most blessed day as perfect as a day could be.  Every look, word and tiny last detail was absolutely perfect for us.  We just can't thank you two enough for making our wedding day the most beautiful and memorable day ever."

Kendra and Doug



"We are very blessed that you were our minister for our special day.  We couldn't have found a more perfect person for it.  The personal touches that you put into our ceremony were great and a day that we will never forget it."

Jennifer and Todd



"Pas, we loved your authentic Hawaiian music.  My whole family was so moved by your songs.  Cheryl, your ceremony was so genuine and you covered some important aspects of marriage."

Julie and Michael



"Cheryl has a wonderful way with people, and she made our wedding special.  She adds nice touches like a Hawaiian wedding cake with guava pudding inside!"




"Cheryl immediately eased the jittery bride.  I was so nervous but knew right away that Cheryl would cover all the bases.  Best of all, Cheryl's warm and joyous spirit creates an atmosphere of love and honor."

Ali and Stas



"We want to thank you for a beautiful wedding day at A-Bay.  It was honestly more wonderful than we ever imagined, a truly perfect day!"

Sean and Jody



"Cheryl embodies the true meaning of the "kahuna" or spiritual healer in Hawaiian.  Not only did she perform the perfect wedding ceremony for us on Christmas day, she also brought about a healing miracle for our entire family."

Mike and Judy



"Cheryl made everything go off like clockwork and we had a great wedding renewal overlooking Keahou Bay."




"Cheryl has been so helpful to me and my future husband with planning not only our wedding, but also our trip to Hawai'i, where to go for this or that, etc..."




"All of the details, no matter how small, were thoughtful and romantic.  We feel that you were more than someone who was just doing her job, you shared in our joy and excitement with sincerity."

Bruce and Tawnya



"Our wedding day was just perfect.  Cheryl and Pas made our day the best it could have been.  They were so welcoming, helpful and open to what ever ideas we had wanted.  You can tell that they just loved what they do and are great at it."

Mike and Judy

"It has taken me all summer to take the time to write a review for Cheryl and Aloha Weddings...but let me tell you something, this gal is an absolute champ in every way!!  My husband and I decided back in March that on our planned vacation, which was a month away, we would get married after being together for 17 years.  I found the Aloha Weddings site and loved the vibe I got from reading Cheryl's site.  I picked up the phone and left a message since I was calling from Colorado and it was still morning in Hawaii.  Cheryl phoned back and that was that...it was like I knew her for years. That is a great feeling!
So, we settled on getting married on a Tuesday morning, April 24th.  We awoke to a very soggy morning in Hilo and had chosen our special location at Onomea Bay.  Cheryl checked in to see if we wanted to postpone, but we said let's go for it.  And this is why she is a champ...no complaints from her.  She brought an extra umbrella, hiked in the pouring rain to a point in Onomea Bay, where you look out at "Lovers Rocks", and did the ceremony for us.  She even cried!!
Cheryl is a genuine, heartfelt gal, and we could not have asked for anyone better than her to marry us!!  She is part of our special story, and special day...we just love her!
Call her...you will so love the experience!!  :)"

Tim & Crystal Wheeler